Although there are signs of improvement, malaria continues to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Zambia and the entire Zambian population is at risk of malaria. Currently, the Zambian national malaria control program aims to provide vector control to 100 percent of households and persons at risk in targeted areas by 2016. With support from PMI, the goal is to achieve and sustain universal ITN coverage in conjunction with a focused, data-driven approach to IRS. Other recent PMI-supported activities include: training of clinical care teams in providing IPTp supervision; procurement and distribution of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria case management and training in their use; and support of the country’s behavior change communication strategy.


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Malaria Operational Plans

The Malaria Operational Plans below are detailed 1-year implementation plans for PMI focus countries. Each plan reviews the current status of malaria control and prevention policies and interventions, identifies challenges and unmet needs to achieve PMI goals, and provides a description of planned PMI-funded activities. Each Malaria Operational Plan has been endorsed by the U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator and reflects collaborative discussions with the national malaria control programs and partners in country. Changes to these plans are reflected in revised postings.

FY 2018 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF1.38 MB Download
FY 2017 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF1.38 MB Download
FY 2016 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF1.58 MB Download
FY 2016 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF84.78 KB Download
FY 2015 Zambia Malaria Operational Plan PDF4.26 MB Download
FY 2015 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF31.39 KB Download
FY 2014 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF964.85 KB Download
FY 2014 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF160.85 KB Download
FY 2013 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF983.95 KB Download
FY 2013 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF199.72 KB Download
FY 2012 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF984.89 KB Download
FY 2012 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF46.87 KB Download
FY 2011 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF259.65 KB Download
FY 2011 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF115.04 KB Download
FY 2010 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF482.90 KB Download
FY 2010 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF152.93 KB Download
FY 2009 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF359.93 KB Download
FY 2009 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF54.69 KB Download
FY 2008 Zambia Malaria Operational PlanPDF790.57 KB Download
FY 2008 Zambia Revised Funding TablePDF106.86 KB Download

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Stories from the Field

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Contracts & Agreements

Listed below are contracts, agreements and implementing partner reports for the PMI focus countries. Documents have been redacted by the awardee at USAID's request to remove any information the awardee considers proprietary.

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