Country in Focus - Uganda

Uganda was selected as a PMI focus country in 2006. With support from PMI and its partners, significant progress has been made in the scale-up of malaria control interventions and distribution of vital commodities to vulnerable populations. Since the inception of the program, PMI has purchased more than 10.3 million ACT treatments, 7.1 million RDTs, and 2 million injectable artesunate treatments, and in 2016, PMI trained more than 1,000 health workers in their use. These efforts have helped Uganda make significant progress in the fight against malaria. The most recent national-level data for malaria interventions in Uganda show improvements in all malaria indicators as compared to 2006 levels, including a nearly five-fold increase in the percent of households owning at least one bednet (16 percent in 2006 to 76 percent in 2016).