Country in Focus - Malawi

PMI has partnered with Malawi in their fight against malaria since 2007; the country has seen enormous progress since. Death rates in children under age five have almost halved and Malawi has achieved good coverage of key interventions such as insecticide-treated mosquito nets. PMI’s funding, technical assistance, and enduring partnership have provided vital support toward this progress, including the purchase of more than $13 million nets, almost 11 million preventive treatments for pregnant women, and around 50 million malaria tests and treatments.

Malaria is still responsible for approximately 6.2 million cases in Malawi each year. People living around the lakes are particularly vulnerable. PMI is helping Malawi scale up coverage of core malaria interventions and target high-burden areas for additional interventions such as indoor residual spraying. PMI is also building Malawi’s capacity through strategic health system investments and helping the country mitigate threats such as drug and insecticide resistance as well as natural disasters.