Country in Focus - Madagascar

Malaria is a major health problem in Madagascar. Although its epidemiology varies considerably in different regions of the country, the entire population is considered to be at risk. While malaria cases and deaths reported through the national health management information system declined over the period, 2003–2011, severe malaria remains among the top five causes of reported overall mortality. After a military coup in 2009, the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) was unable to provide direct assistance to the government of Madagascar. For four years, PMI focused its support on the Madagascar National Strategic Plan for malaria; coordinated with non-government partners; and supported community-level programming. In May 2014, following presidential elections and the inauguration of a new government, the U.S. Government lifted the restrictions on working directly with the government of Madagascar. PMI is now re-engaging with the Malagasy Ministry of Health from the central to the primary health facility levels.