Tem Mais Pharmacy Network: A Growing Business in Angola

Aug 2015
Shop owner Timóteo Samemba receives the Certificate of Excellence from U.S. Agency for International Develolpment (USAID) Mission Director, Jason Fraser, and DPS director, Dr. Frederico, for his pharmacy’s performance.  Credit: PSI

The Tem Mais pharmacy network, launched in Huambo, Angola, in April 2014, leverages private sector infrastructure by offering malaria rapid diagnostic testing (RDT) and treatment services through existing private pharmacies. It is quickly establishing itself as a great mechanism to increase communities’ access to quality malaria case management. The RDTs and Artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) are socially marketed to an economically sensitive population.

In October 2014, an assessment of the Tem Mais pharmacy network provided further solid evidence of its success. With more than 10,000 clients served in about 6 months, Tem Mais local pharmacies are becoming a point-of-reference in their respective localities. The pharmacists’ training in customer service to support and guide clients in making good health care decisions is an asset that benefits all customers, not just those seeking malaria care.

The advantages are not exclusive to the local consumers in Huambo. Pharmacy owners report a higher customer flow resulting in higher sales of other pharmaceutical products. Consumers look for the Tem Mais pharmacies because they know they will find a trustworthy ACT there. Ferreira Kajamba, a 40-year-old shop owner for 10 years says, “The public pharmacies close early and only open sporadically during the weekend. The Tem Mais branding materials are excellent ways to identify our location and attract clients who prefer to skip the long lines of public facilities or who need services when the public facilities are closed.”

This activity is seen by some community members as a window into the potential services provided through the private sector. Some are already asking for rapid tests for other diseases. In the next year, Tem Mais will be reinforced with a promotional campaign and the implementation of an intensive interpersonal communication strategy to increase awareness on malaria and create greater demand for RDT services through the Tem Mais pharmacy network.

Tem Mais provides an opportunity to standardize malaria case management, ensure quality ACTs are available in the private sector, and discourage the use of monotherapies, which have been banned by the government.

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