PMI-Supported Launch of New Treatment Guidelines in Mozambique

Apr 2010
In 2009, PMI procured more than 3.5 million ACT treatments for Mozambique.
A worker in the Central Medical Stores in Maputo, Mozambique, seals a drug kit containing artemether-lumefantrine, the new first-line treatment of uncomplicated malaria, for use at health facilities and by community health workers. Source: JSI Mozambique

In 2007, the Ministry of Health of Mozambique announced its intention to adopt artemether-lumefantrine (AL) as the first-line treatment for uncomplicated malaria. From the time of this announcement until the policy was successfully implemented in late 2009, PMI provided support at almost every step, including technical assistance on the development of the new treatment policy and help in developing and printing the materials used to train clinicians in the new treatment policy.

PMI also assisted with forecasting of drug requirements to implement the new policy and procured most of the AL needed for the launch of the policy. In 2009, PMI procured more than 3.5 million ACT treatments for Mozambique. When it was determined that the new malaria tretament wouldn ot fit in the current drug kits provided to frontline health facilities, PMI provided the human resources, supplies, and technical assistance to the Central Medical Stores to assemble new malaria drug kits, so they could be delivered in tandem with the other drug kits.

Finally, PMI provided logistical support to provincial and district health authorities to support the cascade training of clinical staff in the new malaria treatment policy. With PMI's support, more than 16,000 health workers were trained in case management with ACTs during 2009. With the full implementation of the new treatment policy, PMI will continue to provide technical and logistical support to tall levels of the health system to strengthen supervision of clinical staff and ensure that the new policy is being implemented appropriately.

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