Fighting Malaria in Ghana: A Story in Pictures

Jul 2013
Most mosquitoes that carry the malaria parasite bite at night, while people are sleeping in their homes. AIRS sprays the inside of homes with insecticide to kill mosquitoes that transmit malaria.
Sule Kuburatu, 20, is a spray operator on the AIRS project. Source: Erin Schiavone, Abt Associates

Fighting Malaria in Bunbuna Nakoruk Village, Ghana

Bunbuna Nakoruk is a village of about 300 subsistence farmers in Ghana, where malaria is the number one cause of illness. When a child gets sick from malaria, the family may have to travel several miles on foot to the nearest health center for treatment. This causes children to miss school and parents to lose time working on the farm. The USAID-led President’s Malaria Initiative is protecting residents from malaria through the Africa Indoor Residual Spraying project.

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