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December 2013


Photo of a family sitting in front of an ITN.

PMI supports coverage of four highly effective malaria prevention and treatment measures, including insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITNs).
Source: Maggie Hallahan Photography

Just Released – 2014 Malaria Operational Plans

The 2014 Malaria Operational Plans (MOPs) are now available on the PMI website. Each of the 20 plans reviews the current status of malaria control and prevention, identifies challenges to meeting PMI goals, and describes activities that are planned with FY 2014 funding. Final country funding levels are contingent upon a FY 2014 appropriation bill.

PMI Statement on Theft and Illegal Diversion of Malaria Medicines

The U.S. Government strongly condemns the theft and illegal diversion of medicines that are intended to cure malaria. This is particularly true when such theft impacts the most vulnerable populations in sub-Saharan Africa – pregnant women and children under five years old, as reported in Thieves Hijacking Malaria Drugs in Africa, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), November 11, 2013.

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PMI in the News

A Conversation with Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer (Ret.)

This year at the annual American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene meeting in November, the U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer (Ret.), received the Award for Extraordinary Leadership in the Fight Against Malaria and was interviewed. 


Saving Lives of Children, Unburdening Economies & Shrinking the Malaria Map (for Good)

Global efforts to control and eliminate malaria have saved an estimated 3.3 million lives since 2000, reducing malaria mortality by half in sub-Saharan Africa. In a blog article, Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer (Ret.) celebrates the dramatic progress that has been made in reducing the burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

Halfway to Victory over Malaria

Martin Edlund, founding member and CEO of Malaria No More, writes about the World Health Organization's 2013 World Malaria Report and how the cumulative effort of dozens of nations, millions of people, and billions of dollars have added up to a true breakthrough.

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Country Activities

Stories from the Field

Children stand in a group outside a home.

PMI supports a wide range of activities to ensure that children receive high quality antimalarials, including conducting surveys to check the quality of antimalarial drugs.
Source: Brant Stewart, RTI

Countering Unregistered and Illegal Antimalarial Drugs in Ethiopia

Over the past few years, significant progress has been made to scale up malaria control interventions in Ethiopia, including universal access to prompt diagnosis and treatment. However, these gains in access could be compromised due to the proliferation of unregistered or illegal drugs, which means ineffective drugs may be used to treat cases of malaria. Learn more about these issues.

Leveraging Local Banks to Pay Seasonal Workers during Benin's IRS Campaign

PMI has supported an indoor residual spraying (IRS) program in Benin since 2008. The program employs a large number of seasonal staff to complete a variety of activities that range from spraying houses with insecticides, to fixing spray pumps, to guarding storerooms used during IRS campaigns. Payment of these seasonal IRS campaign workers has been challenging for multiple reasons. Find out how PMI is generating innovative solutions to overcome this issue.

A photo of a pregnant woman.

In the DRC, Honorine Mwanya has received medication to protect her and her baby against the complications of malaria.
Source: Landry-Serges Malaba

Protecting Women Against Malaria in the DRC

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, malaria remains a major health problem, and pregnant women are among those most critically affected. During the early stages of pregnancy, malaria can disrupt the normal growth of the baby and cause maternal anemia; it can later lead to premature delivery, low birth weight, and increased risk of infant death. Learn more about how PMI is helping to protect expectant mothers and their babies.

Community Volunteers at the Heart of Successful Mosquito Net Distribution in Ghana

In 2010-2012, Ghana became one of the first countries in West Africa to target all regions for universal coverage of ITNs. As Ghana prepared to distribute ITNs to its entire population, the country faced a critical question: How to hang more than 12 million nets in homes nationwide? Learn more about how PMI helped distribute ITNs.

Protecting Cambodia’s Migrant Workers Against Malaria Through an Innovative Net-Lending Scheme

In Cambodia, malaria is concentrated in remote and forested border areas; from there, it spreads to other parts of Cambodia or neighboring countries due to population movements. Western Cambodia along the border with Thailand is an area of particular concern with its rubber plantations and large farms that attract migrant laborers. Learn more about what PMI is doing to help protect these transient populations.

Bringing Malaria Treatment to the Community: Guinea’s Community Agents

According to national health statistics from 2007, malaria is the leading cause of consultation, hospitalization, and death in Guinea. Children under five and pregnant women are particularly at risk. To achieve universal coverage of malaria prevention and treatment interventions, Guinea’s Ministry of Health adopted a community case management strategy for malaria. Learn more about how this was accomplished.

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New Resources

Indoor Residual Spraying

Malaria in Pregnancy

Insecticide-Treated Nets

Supply Chain Management

Updated Funding Tables for FY 2012 & FY 2013 Malaria Operational Plans

Download updated FY 2012 funding tables

Download updated FY 2013 funding tables

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