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April 2016


PMI's 10th Annual Report to Congress Released
PMI released its 10th Annual Report, which describes a decade of progress in the fight against malaria and the U.S. Government's sustained leadership commitment and significant contributions to preventing, treating, and eliminating it.

#CallYourShot Campaign Launched
In conjunction with World Malaria Day, USAID has teamed up with a coalition of partners, including the United Nations Foundation's Nothing But Nets and Malaria No More to launch the #CallYourShot campaign to raise awareness and funds in the fight against malaria. Basketball star Stephen Curry, along with other athletes, celebrities, and everyday champions, are taking part and taking their shots to end malaria for good. Join them and call your shot here.

A New Era for Roll Back Malaria: Announcement of the New Board
The Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership has named a new board to lead the global malaria community into a new era and drive momentum to end malaria for good. Rear Admiral Tim Ziemer, Global Coordinator, President's Malaria Initiative, was named as one of the 13 Board members.

President Requests Additional $200 Million to Expand PMI Efforts to Fight Malaria
President Obama set forth a long-term vision of ending the scourge of malaria during the State of the Union on January 12. To advance the vision of ending malaria, the Administration included a request of $200 million in additional resources in the President's final budget (FY17) request to Congress, which includes a $71 million increase to the annual funding level and repurposing $129 million in remaining already appropriated Ebola funds for PMI.

At Nothing But Nets Summit, The White House Announces Increased Funding, Expansion of the President's Malaria Initiative to Help Defeat Malaria
President Obama's National Security Advisor, Ambassador Susan Rice, announced the Administration's plans to program the requested increased malaria funding for PMI including adding or expanding PMI programs in four countries in the West to Central Africa corridor, intensifying efforts to accelerate progress towards elimination in two existing PMI countries and investing in research and innovation.

Mosquitoes and Malaria: Taking a Big Step Against a Small but Deadly Foe
This White House blog describes the Obama administration's announcement of a major new commitment to combating the scourge of malaria. The President's recently-submitted budget requests an additional $200 million for the President's Malaria Initiative. And, with these additional resources, we will be able to take bold new steps to combat this ancient nemesis.

PMI in the News

ASTMH Statement on World Malaria Day 2016
We have much to celebrate in the fight against malaria. ASTMH asked some of its key leaders in the malaria community for their personal perspectives on malaria, including Rear Adm. Timothy Ziemer of the President's Malaria Initiative. Read interviews with him and other leaders.

US President's Malaria Initiative Donates 267,000 Mosquito Nets to Refugees and Ugandans in Fight Against Malaria
Thousands of refugees and Ugandan nationals are set to benefit from a distribution of more than a quarter of a million mosquito nets in refugee settlements across the country thanks to a donation from PMI..

Senegal Launches First National Universal Coverage ITN Campaign
Senegal launched its first national universal coverage ITN campaign. The campaign will distribute over 8 million long-lasting ITNs nationwide, of which more than 1.9 million were procured by PMI.

Obama Administration Plans to Expand Malaria Effort by $200 Million
The Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama administration plans to use an additional $200 million to expand its fight against malaria, expanding services to 70 million more people in Africa and accelerating a global effort to eradicate the disease. New funding would increase the initiative's budget to $874 million in fiscal 2017.

The House that Bush Built
Foreign Policy describes how, during the president's final State of the Union speech, Barack Obama embraced what was then and still is widely viewed as George Bush's most enduring legacy – the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and the President's Malaria Initiative.


President Obama's Call to Accelerate Battle Against Malaria Builds on Impressive Gains
President Obama's call to arms to end malaria worldwide as announced during his recent State of the Union address and the Administration's request to increase resources for malaria control, underscore the remarkable progress made in the fight against the disease and a firm, emphatic commitment to end this public health scourge.

Obama Calls for an End to Malaria
Recognizing that many children are just one mosquito bite away from death, in a speech before the United Nations, President Obama called on the world to tackle this "moral outrage."

From Peace Corps Senegal: Managing Stock Levels with SMS Solution Aids Fight against Malaria
In the fight against malaria, Senegal has been a leader in West Africa in testing new strategies and implementing innovative solutions that has resulted in a mark decrease in malaria burden.


Country Activities

Mobile Payments Increase Women's Economic Power
In 2015, the PMI AIRS Project implemented a mobile banking system in Zambia for its seasonal workers, providing risk-free, safe and reliable payments.

The PMI AIRS Project promotes the role of women in spray operations, improving their overall economic power in the household with additional income.

Women's Participation in IRS Improves Income Opportunities, Community Acceptance
In Zambia's northwest Luapula Province, where more than 80 percent of the population falls under the poverty line and 100 percent is at risk of contracting malaria, the PMI AIRS Project is helping women to tap into new income-generating opportunities while protecting people from the disease.


New Resources

Browse through the most recent PMI reports and publications by technical area.

Revised PMI Technical Guidance March 2016 [PDF, 2.4MB]

Diagnosis and Treatment

Entomological Monitoring

  • Explore the new Entomological Monitoring section of, which features tools and country entomological reports (see 2015 reports from Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Zambia).

Indoor Residual Spraying

  • PMI End of Spray Reports are now available for Madagascar [PDF, 1.7MB], Mozambique [PDF, 2.1MB], Rwanda [PDF, 2.1MB], Senegal [PDF, 1.9MB], and Zambia [PDF, 1.6MB]

  • The PMI Supplemental Environmental Assessment for Uganda [PDF, 1.9MB] is now available.

Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Mozambique Impact Evaluation report [PDF, 3.1MB] and annexes [PDF, 1.6MB]
  • Tanzania Impact Evaluation report [PDF, 1.8MB] and annexes [PDF, 1.8MB]

Updated Funding Tables for Malaria Operational Plans





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