MalariaCare’s Toolkit for Maintaining High Quality Malaria Case Management Services Now Available

Nov 1, 2017 | MalariaCare

The PMI-funded MalariaCare project has launched a new resource, the MalariaCare Toolkit.  The kit offers a multitude of tools for maintaining and improving high-quality malaria case management services – all of which were used and refined in MalariaCare countries. After field validation, they selected resources that would be most useful to other partners and compiled them as a Toolkit that can be used as a guide and adapted to meet specific country needs. All are available free of charge. 

MalariaCare’s strategy is built around three key malaria case management quality assurance (QA) intervention areas:

  1. Improving the quality of malaria diagnosis using microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests.
  2. Building competency in quality clinical case management.
  3. Strengthening the quality of data collection and use for decision-making.
Each tool was developed by MalariaCare to meet a specific need related to the QA approach in one or more project countries.

All of the tools have been tested, revised and used in at least one country program. Some include instructions for use (such as the training materials), while others stand on their own.

The tools are structured around three topic areas:

  • Tools for improving the quality of malaria diagnosis using microscopy and rapid diagnostic tests
  • Tools for building competency in quality clinical case management
  • Tools for strengthening the quality of data collection and use for decision-making

Access directly on the MalariaCare website or find the toolkit, as along with other case management resources, on PMI’s diagnosis and treatment page.

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