It Takes More Than a Village to Fight Malaria in Zambia

Apr 5, 2012 | Washington Post

In a global anti-malaria movement I saw begin in Oval Office meetings and international summits, Mongu is at the end of a very long road. Located in western Zambia, about 75 miles from the Angolan border, the town is not close to anywhere. The rivers of the region are more like swamps filling a flood plain, their courses hidden by tall grasses — from the air, wide, serpentine bands of lime green. If rivers are like arteries, these are clogged.

Standing water breeds mosquitoes, which carry the malaria parasite, which takes the lives of children in seasonal waves. In this part of the world, some parents don’t officially name their children until the age of 5, since so many don’t survive the killing fields of childhood.

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