Two women from Mozambique give the thumbs up sign for the PMI launch in Mozambique. Photo credit: USAID|Mozambique

PMI welcomes Dr. Kenneth Staley as the incoming U.S. Global Malaria Coordinator, and looks forward to working under his leadership to expand coverage of proven interventions.

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PMI Country in Focus: Democratic Republic of the Congo

DRC has made significant progress, with promising trends in malaria indicators including ITN use, household ITN ownership, and all-cause child mortality, according to the 2013–2014 DHS.

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PMI 12th Annual Report Cover

The U.S. Government’s leadership and its financial and technical contributions through PMI have been central to the remarkable achievements against malaria.

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Photo sources: Diana Mrazikova/NetWorks, Kharn Lina/CAP Malaria, Maggie Hallahan Photography.