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PMI: Presidents Malaria Initiative - Saving lives in Africa.

World Malaria Day – 2010

Counting Malaria Out

  Cover of the Fourth Annual PMI Report.
Read the PMI Fourth Annual Report: Sustaining Momentum Against Malaria: Saving Lives in Africa, April 2010 [PDF, 8MB].
Download the Lantos-Hyde United States Government Malaria Strategy 2009–2014 [PDF, 483KB]
Read the Lantos-Hyde United States Government Malaria Strategy 2009–2014 [PDF, 483KB].

World Malaria Day and Roll Back Malaria. Click to learn more.

April 25, 2010, marks the third annual World Malaria Day, a day set aside to call attention to malaria and to mobilize action to combat it. The U.S. Government, on behalf of the American people, has taken extraordinary steps to curb the spread of this preventable and curable disease. Since 2006, the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI) has helped 15 high-burden countries in Africa dramatically scale up effective malaria prevention and treatment interventions; during 2009 alone, PMI reached more than 50 million people. Many of the countries where PMI has been working have reported significant reductions in deaths in children under the age of five. There is strong and growing evidence that malaria prevention and control are a major factor in these reductions. To learn more about PMI, download the PMI fourth annual report [PDF, 8MB].

In conjunction with World Malaria Day, the U.S. Government also released its new six-year strategy to combat malaria globally (Lantos-Hyde United States Government Malaria Strategy 2009–2014 [PDF, 483KB] ). The new USG strategy works toward the goal of halving malaria illnesses and deaths in 70 percent of at-risk populations in sub-Saharan Africa, by accelerating  malaria prevention and treatment efforts, building national capacities, and strengthening key health systems.  The new strategy also outlines contributions to curtail the spread of antimalarial multi-drug resistance in Southeast Asia and South America and to increase emphasis on strategic integration of malaria prevention and treatment activities with programs for maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, neglected tropical diseases, and tuberculosis.

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