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PMI: Presidents Malaria Initiative - Saving lives in Africa.

You Can Help

Many organizations provide relief and humanitarian assistance to those suffering from malaria. The following is a list of non-profit organizations that accept contributions to help in the fight against malaria.

The organizations listed on this webpage are those that, at the time of posting, are believed to be actively providing malaria assistance. The listing of or omission of an institution or organization on this Web site does not refer to programmatic capability nor does it confer any official status, approval, or endorsement of the institution or organization itself.

It is not the purpose of this Web site to make, or enable to be made, any representation to the public concerning the organization other than that such listing is for information purposes. The use of any trade, firm, or organizational name is solely for the information and convenience of the site's visitors. Any contributions you choose to make from links to this Web site are in your sole discretion.

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