The field of entomology in Nigeria is improving as university students gain access to the equipment and facilities they need to conduct their research at a newly established insectary, funded by the President’s Malaria Initiative. Source: Michael Olayink

This year, PMI supported the establishment of the first insectary in Nigeria’s Nasarawa State, to improve the country’s entomological monitoring capacity.

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A Kenyan child in PMI-supported community. Credit: Brant Stewart, RTI

Kenya has made significant progress in malaria prevention and treatment measures and reductions in malaria parasitemia and illness.

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THE PRESIDENT’S MALARIA INITIATIVE Eighth Annual Report to Congress | April 2014

In sub-Saharan Africa, the risk of malaria is declining, and it is apparent that the cumulative efforts of PMI and its partners are working.

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Read more about how the U.S. Government, through PMI, has contributed to a rapid scale-up of malaria prevention and treatment measures across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Photo sources: Maggie Hallahan Photography, Brant Stewart/ RTI International, Michael Olayink, Diana Mrazikova/NetWorks.