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The PMI Africa IRS Project recently appointed gender focal persons in each AIRS country to promote gender inclusion and overcome socio-cultural barriers that prevent the participation of women.

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A mother holds her child.

Malaria is a major health problem in Madagascar; although its epidemiology varies considerably in different regions of the country, the entire population is considered to be at risk.

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Cover image of the 9th annual PMI Report to Congress

The fight against malaria is making historic gains across sub-Saharan Africa, thanks to the contributions of PMI and other partners.

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  • How Malaria Fight Saved Millions – Why It Matters

    Statistics show impressive progress in the fight against malaria - including an estimated 4.3 million deaths averted globally. Increased international funding has contributed to those achievements, and the U.S. government is among the major funders of malaria control through the President's Malaria Initiative.
  • Working Together to Defeat Malaria in Cambodia

    Although progress has been made in controlling malaria in Cambodia during the past decade, it remains a significant issue for the Ministry of Health, the people of the region, and the international community. 
  • World Malaria Day podcast from U.S. Embassy in Dakar, Senegal

    Listen to a special World Malaria Day podcast from the U.S. embassy in Dakar, Senegal.
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Read more about how the U.S. Government, through PMI, is investing in sustained efforts to drive down malaria transmission and reduce malaria deaths and illnesses.

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